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Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Chris Allman.  You may know me because I sing with THE greatest gospel trio on the road today… Greater Vision.  I hope you don’t think me arrogant but I am  proud to be singing with these guys.

You’ve stumbled upon my personal blog.  It’s focus is to encourage those, in the body of Christ, who have experienced failure and have allowed the path behind to determine the path ahead.

I speak from a platform of experience as I have suffered the repercussions of a sinful past but, unlike many Christians, have recognized that there is no hope for a better past.

I have experienced the sweet forgiveness of God and have therefore chosen to walk in that forgiveness. Forgiving self is a day to day task and I believe that’s why His mercies are new to us every morning.

The goal here is to cause those who have been sidelined by, failure, consequence, regret, embarrassment and blame to get back in the game better known as “The great commission”.

I am busy posting every day Monday through Friday.  To be sure you don’t miss a post you can sign up to follow me via email by clicking the “Follow” button in the right hand sidebar.

Some favorite posts:

If you are new to the blog, here are a few of my most visited and commented on posts.

Get Back in the Game


Crop Failure

It’s All Good

My Biography:

I began this road of ministry 21 years ago with the group I’m singing with now.  Raised in the home of a pastor, ministry is all I’ve really known and it’s been my heart’s desire since I can remember.  Five years into my first stint with Greater Vision, I felt the need to make a move and began singing on my own.  It was a refreshing change because it allowed me to be with my family a lot more and still do what I loved to do.

Seven years into that part of my ministry, some things changed.  My father passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack and we felt the pull to move back to Burlington, NC where both my wife and I were raised.  After moving back, I felt the call on my life to preach and within the next couple of years planted a church.  We were blessed to grow that church to around 275 at its highest point.

In 2009 I began to feel like my days at the church were drawing to a close and asked the Lord to lead me wherever He would have me to be.  Within four months I was able to come back to TN and reunite with Gerald Wolfe and Rodney Griffin as the tenor with Greater Vision.

I’ve written around 90 songs.  Many of them have been recorded by GV and other Christian artists.  I am in the process of writing a book entitled, “Get Back in the Game” and a year’s worth of daily devotionals.  Prayerfully my book will be completed this year and available in e-book form.  My devotional book will be ready for release next year.  Refer back to my blog for updated information!

I’m married to Kimberly Allman since 1987 (The year we graduated).  You can follow her on Twitter @kimberlyallman_ .  We have four children… Dustin, Jillian, Emory and Jules.  Our lives are spent in our 1825 farmhouse on 7 acres of property in the mecca of Morristown, TN.  We have a dog, two cats and 3 hens.

I love to write, play the guitar, play golf and cook.  We are members at The First Baptist Church in Morristown, TN.  I rarely get to attend because of my travels with GV but I love our Pastor and our church family.  They are a blessing to my family as I am away.

I pray that this daily reminder, that we can choose to begin living today like we wish we’d lived in the past, will be a solace for many who struggle with those things they wish they hadn’t done.

The title of this Blog was inspired by a song that was written for me by my good friend, Rodney Griffin… Like I Wish I’d Lived.

If you’d like to get a copy of Like I Wish I’d Lived… It’s on our latest CD release, The Only Way.


11 Responses to About Me

  1. Robert Smither says:

    My wife was telling about your wonderful blog. Would you please send them to me at the email listed above. Thanks

    • likeiwishidlived says:

      hey brother, you can look to the right on your screen here and click follow and fill in your email address.

  2. TJ Sivewright says:


    Couldn’t figure out this to get this blog emailed. Pleased add our family if you email it. Praying for your guys safety on the road


  3. david fountain says:

    Proud of you and the guys. I ask God’s greatest protection over you for being so open and out front with the Gospel; one that loves, doesn’t look at past, but presents hope for the future. david

    • likeiwishidlived says:

      Bless you, David. Glad you stopped by. Take the time to follow my blog via email. i trust it can be a part of your daily devotions.

  4. Blessings to you brother! I have enjoyed your blogs and devotional thoughts and “Like I Wish I’d Lived” and “Another Child’s Coming Home” are two great testimony songs. Keep singing. Keep preaching.

  5. Eric Lloyd says:

    Chris – what a great post! It was truly a blessing seeing you guys in West Chester, OH. That song has been playing either on my iPhone or in my head for some time now. It really helps me remember that God is loving and forgives. It’s us that can’t seem to forget. Thank you again for allowing God to work in your life to deliver a great ministry. He’s still working on us to make us what we ought to be…believe there’s an old song about that…lol Hope to see you guys again soon…maybe back in Ohio. God bless!! Eric

  6. Patsy Duncan says:

    Chris, thank you for sharing your life with others who need encouragement. I also am a songwriter. This will be my 5th yr at NQC, Lord willing, in Sept., sharing the songs with all who will listen. My husband shares my mission to get the messages that God has given me to encourage and lift up the saved and unsaved, pointing them to the One who gave His life, that we might live eternally. God is faithful and we have been encouraged that a group has picked up one of my songs to record. We have often wondered why it takes so long and then we remember that it is in God’s time, not our and then we are comforted in knowing He has a plan. Your blog on your little hen that tried to walk away because it was hard to get up in that tree was the encouraging word that I needed this morning. I have struggled with health issues and am battling fatigue and pain and haven’t finished my song demos for this years convention. It seems I won’t get it done this yr and yet I believe with all my heart that this is what God has called us to do. I won’t give up on God and I know He will not give up on me but just an encouraging word is what we need sometimes to just try a little harder. Thank you for all you do and Greater vision is such a blessing to those who need those songs and words of encouragement. BTW, we also live on a small farm, I’ve raised and milked dairy goats for some 30 yrs and also raised chickens and various other critters. Made cheese, pasturized the milk and boxed the eggs and sold it all for yrs. Quite a full time job but God’s handy work in the animals can teach us alot, as does the growing garden. It’s all His way of encouraging us. I smiled as you related something in your blog to our life as Christians. I would do the same as I picked the veggies. Peas were my revelation one morning as I had just been in that patch 2 days before and it looked good. Missed 1 day and the weeds were busy taking over. Hmmm, thus sin in our lives when we miss a day with Jesus and his Word. Keep on keepin’ on, brother. And sorry, I wrote so much. Just inspired and encouraged. Hope you won’t kick my out of your garden (blog). LOL. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

  7. darlene pickett says:

    I just discovered this today. It’s always nice to have contact with those who are such a blessing. I pray for GV since you are all such a blessing to me pray is the one thing I can do for you. I pray for your safety on the road or at home. Many blessings

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