Stay Put And Get There Quicker

How many of you have noticed that shortcuts hardly ever turn out to be… Shorter?

You’re under a time crunch and all of the sudden, traffic comes to a stand still. It seems as if something has happened up ahead and, unless you figure something out quickly, you are going to run late. You look to the left. You look to the right. Ah, there it is… Your way around all of this mess. You pull out of the pile, strategically cut through a parking lot to another road that will surely lead you around the mess and safely to your destination with time to spare! BAAAAAAAA! (That was supposed to be the sound of a very annoying buzzer indicating… “Wrong Answer!”)

Instead, the traffic that seemed would never move again is impeded no more and is now freely moving. You sit at a stop sign that was supposed to be the gateway to freedom and yep, there goes the car that was three behind you in the jam. That driver learned the lesson, that you just learned, a long time ago. It’s best just to sit still and be patient. Shortcuts just aren’t always… Shorter!

It’s a funny yet accurate scenario that not only applies to the pesky traffic jam but to every day life as well.

If you’ve been encouraged to set your goals high and that you can be anything you dream of being, I’d like to add some insight that might help you eventually reach those stars you’re reaching for. Write this down; study it; believe it; mark it down.

The only way to get where you intend to be is if you are content to be where you are.

The truth is, you generally aren’t trying to get from “A” to “B” regarding your dreams. “A” being the place where you are and “B” being the place where you long to be. That place at which you desire to arrive could possibly be “J” or “Q.” Where many get sidetracked, on the way to the goal they’ve set for themselves, is in their discontentment with B, C, or D, etc. It’s easy to see the stepping stones, on the way to that mark you’ve set, as failures when they are, in fact, the pathway to achieving “The dream.”

Take my advice and don’t get confused with what each step consists of. While your dream may be music, seven out of the steps in between may have nothing to do with music at all. Be content where you are and do whatever it is you’re doing to the very best of your ability. The Bible teaches us to do whatever we’re doing as unto the Lord.

Don’t expect to succeed where you long to be if you aren’t willing to succeed where you are!

I, for one, believe that we can each achieve whatever we wish to achieve if we apply ourselves. I’ve always been a dreamer and not even the worst of circumstances have been able to deter me from an optimistic outlook. With that said, what I’ve shared in this post is the result of what I’ve learned on my journey to “The dream.” I’ve learned that my patience and contentment with being where I am always leads to a higher rung on the ladder.

My prayer is for each of you to find success in life but never forget that this life is passing like a vapor. If you are climbing toward your goal without Christ as your personal Savior, the top of the ladder will find you feeling very empty.

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About Chris Allman

I'm one of the millions who have experienced the repercussion of my sinful past. Unlike many, through Christ, I have recognized that the path before me does not have to be determined by the path behind. I have experienced the sweet forgiveness of God and have therefore chosen to walk in that forgiveness. Forgiving self is a day to day task and I believe that's why His mercies are new every morning. I pray that this daily reminder that we can choose to begin living today like we wish we'd lived in the past will be a solace for many who struggle with those things they wish they hadn't done.
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2 Responses to Stay Put And Get There Quicker

  1. Glenda says:

    Very wise words again, Chris! LONG ago, when I was still single and thinking that I might not ever be married, someone wisely told me that I just needed to learn to be content as a single woman, because I might end up being single for the rest of my life. I didn’t like that idea, but thought it would be worth a try, so I started just going places by myself, doing things I enjoyed, and before long, I met the man who has now been my husband of 45 years. I don’t know whether my acceptance of a life I didn’t want helped that to happen or not, but it sure taught me that my “happiness” didn’t depend on another person, but on my outlook Oh, and for the record, I hope you’ve now achieved your dream and will stop looking elsewhere, because we sure do enjoy hearing you sing with GV!! 🙂

  2. Janice Allman says:

    Excellent blog. I remember when we first moved to Burlington and had been here about a year and there was an issure that almost caused your dad to leave, after much talking and praying he chose to stay and face the issue and stayed here until he died 34 years later and had an awesome ministry. God bless you for being faithful.

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