A Plea to Freethinkers

We’ve all been guilty of wanting to figure things out for ourselves. We’ve all been young and thought that we knew better (For some of us it’s been longer than for others). Yes, we’ve all been there. I understand that every person has to find his or her own way but let’s be honest about it, back in “our day” that path was pursued with a measure of what we’d learned from those who were our “Teachers.” I’m not speaking of only those who taught us arithmetic, writing, history and science. Anyone whom God placed in our lives as an authority figure gave us something to glean from. Even and especially our PARENTS!

(I place special emphasis on our parents because they are THE ones who have been given the role to raise, nurture and teach us the way we should go but these are also THE ones who usually  end up receiving less attention than any of the others in that long list of authority figures. And with that, let me formally apologize to my sweet mother and father, God rest his soul, for not literally consuming every word of wisdom they ever offered and applying it to my life thus making my path and the path for those who walk with me on mine much, much easier. So sorry! Let me also go ahead and apologize to my 5th grade teacher, Lois Dixon for that horrendous run on sentence.)

With that said, lets move on to what is really on my heart. Yes, we all have wanted things our own way but there seems to be a generation of young folks who have taken this idea to a different level. They have raised the bar, so to speak, when it comes to thinking for themselves. They call themselves “freethinkers.” Here’s the literal definition just so you don’t think I’m making this stuff up… Freethinker (n.) – One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in his religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation. -The American Heritage Dictionary

Now, I’m going to go on record and say that I always encouraged my children to think for themselves but I never meant for their process of thought to eliminate those things I’d taught them. I mean come on… Really?!

I suppose this post will be read by most who will stand with me in regards to this subject but I also realize that it may be read by some who have chosen to count themselves among the many freethinkers of the world. With that in mind, I want to take a second and be a daddy.

Here’s a little wisdom for you… Freethinking ain’t free! You may indeed feel liberated for awhile, knowing that your every decision has been free of influence but hear me as I tell you, with all of the love in my heart, you shall regret the day that you chose not to apply the wisdom that was passed to you, free of charge, by the ones who were strategically placed in your life to help mold you into the one you were meant to be. I can tell you out of my own experience that pushing back against the sound teaching you’ve received, from those who have longed to see you flourish, will cost you more than you can afford. To speculate based on nothing instead of trust based on experience is in itself foolish and irrational making this whole idea of freethinking an oxymoron to be reckoned with.

Is this a soapbox I’m standing on? No, it’s a platform I am choosing to use to prayerfully reach one, two or a hundred of those who have bought into the lie that their way has to be better than the way they were taught… Just because it comes from within instead of from without. Only the enemy would want you to buy into an idea that leaves you totally vulnerable to all that can harm you. After all, it’s the mind that he so diligently seeks to control. You may consider what your parents have tried to teach you “Bondage of the mind” when in fact it will end up serving as that which could save you from a life altering decision. Those who love you have sought only to protect you from what they’ve managed to survive.

I make a plea to each of you who have discarded the lessons of life, rather clinging to a prideful position of self indulgence, to reconsider. What you’ve believed to be an open minded point of view really couldn’t be more… Closed minded. You’ve been duped my friend. Good news for you, though… We’ve all made wrong turns but, as long as we have life, no failure is final.

This may seem like a strange subject for some of you but I know, for a fact, that there are those who need to read what’s been written.

There’s much more I could say to these who have been blind sided by Satan himself but instead I’ll spend the time praying. Won’t you join me?

Please leave your comments. Do you know any young ones that fall under this category?

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About Chris Allman

I'm one of the millions who have experienced the repercussion of my sinful past. Unlike many, through Christ, I have recognized that the path before me does not have to be determined by the path behind. I have experienced the sweet forgiveness of God and have therefore chosen to walk in that forgiveness. Forgiving self is a day to day task and I believe that's why His mercies are new every morning. I pray that this daily reminder that we can choose to begin living today like we wish we'd lived in the past will be a solace for many who struggle with those things they wish they hadn't done.
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12 Responses to A Plea to Freethinkers

    • Chris Allman says:

      Just wondering… Did you mean to write something? 🙂

      • Janice Allman says:

        Sorry, wonderful blog and so true, as parents we look back and see a lot of mistakes and as children growing up do not realize how smart our parents and peers really are until we become parents and peers. Thanks again for being open to God’s leading. See you Sunday.

  1. Bessie says:

    Right on. Why do we have to try that path to find out for ourselves? Been there, done that. Forgiven but the past still comes up occasionally, even at my age. Hope it helps someone before they try that path.

  2. Candi says:

    Oh that we would learn these lessons in our younger years and not have to be older to learn them. It would make life a lot less agonizing!!

  3. rachelison says:

    Amen to that i agree with you on this Bro Chris allman

  4. Glenda says:

    Even those who claim to be “free thinkers” are being influenced by their peers, music choices, the books they read, etc. Nobody REALLY thinks for him/herself without considering the opinions and beliefs of others in some way. It’s sad when we choose the WRONG influences and turn from the influence of those who love us the most. I think we all know some who fit this category, and we pray for them frequently! I’ll help you pray that your free thinkers will begin to get their thoughts in line with God’s thoughts, Chris! Thank you for this post!!

  5. Lois Dixon says:

    First, as your former fifth grade teacher, I will excuse the run on sentence! Secondly, I want to say that you are absolutely correct. I would also like to point out, that not all children have the benefits of the wonderful parents that you had growing up. In my 32 years of teaching, I sadly saw this all too many times. There are parents that are totally absent for their children, and in truth, should probably not be parents. I even had one parent tell me that she did not want to be a parent! Does that mean these children don’t stand a chance? Absolutely not! That is when God works at His best by putting people in these children’s lives. I prayed before every school year that God would put me in the right school, in the right classroom, and give me the students that I was supposed to have. Now I did not always handle this as well as I should have; especially when there were times when I was totally convinced that the child’s only goal in life was to make my life miserable! I will be honest and tell you that I wanted to tell God that I had changed my mind! I KNOW that there are many teachers, coaches, and other people whom God has put in many young peoples’ lives to help them because they lack parents that can. I thank God that he used me on so many occasions and I ask His forgiveness when I questioned him and didn’t follow through as well as I should have.

    PS: I am so proud of the person that you have become.

    • Chris Allman says:

      You are absolutely correct in regards to those parents who seem to be off duty. In those cases I am so very thankful for teachers, like you, and others who step in to a child’s life to make the difference. You certainly were wonderful influence on me.

  6. granonine says:

    Well said, and sorely needed. Problem is, of course that most of us don’t get this figured out until we’re sprouting gray hair–or maybe no hair 🙂

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