Red Sea Miracles

Ever needed one of these? Not just an ordinary run of the mill miracle… I mean, one of those miracles that you just can’t see taking place for you. Against all odds, you’re standing at the shore staring at an obstacle that, without a move of God that’s going to blow you and everybody else looking on away, keeps you from the other side.

What’s on the other side for you??? A restored home? Physical Healing? Is yours a financial need? It could be any number of things but that sea stands between you and the victory. Maybe you made a terrible decision that has caused, what the world would consider, irreparable damage to your marriage. It could be that the doctor has just informed you of a disease that threatens to steal many years from your life. You were called into the boss’s office before leaving work yesterday and he informed you that your job has been outsourced.

These are just a few examples that might hit home with you, however yours may be altogether different. Whatever it is, you need help and you need it bad. You need the Lord to come through in a way that not even you can fathom.

I’ve been there… More than once. Can I tell you, from experience, that God still parts Red Seas?! No one is more aware of the fact that the enemy is hot on your trail than God is. it may seem like He’s cutting it close but I believe He does so for a reason. God’s aim is to drown the enemy in the same sea that appeared to be the end of the line for you. Just as Joseph reminded us… What the enemy means for harm against us, God means for good! God’s will is to be glorified and He can use your sea just like He used the one that opened for Moses.

If you are faithful to trust God for His help, the waters will eventually part revealing dry ground for you to walk upon. Yes, He’s still in the mountain moving business. Our God never changes. He who parted the sea still can.

Believe Him for your Red Sea miracle today. I believe He’s just waiting for your faith to move Him!


About Chris Allman

I'm one of the millions who have experienced the repercussion of my sinful past. Unlike many, through Christ, I have recognized that the path before me does not have to be determined by the path behind. I have experienced the sweet forgiveness of God and have therefore chosen to walk in that forgiveness. Forgiving self is a day to day task and I believe that's why His mercies are new every morning. I pray that this daily reminder that we can choose to begin living today like we wish we'd lived in the past will be a solace for many who struggle with those things they wish they hadn't done.
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5 Responses to Red Sea Miracles

  1. Janice Allman says:

    I have a few of those Red Sea miracles also and thank God for the growth in Him they brought.

  2. Melissa says:

    Incredibly timely post, Chris. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Glenda says:

    Yes, I have also seen some of those miracles, and they always strengthen our faith to believe for the next one that comes along. Thank you for another timely reminder, Chris! I’m praying for a few miracles right now, for friends in need of healing and for other needs which only God knows. HE IS ABLE!!!

  4. Jame 4:3 is a reminder that “ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lusts.” God is aware of our motives. My dad taught me a valuable lesson as a child. (Neither of us were Christians at the time.) He found out that I did not ask if I could do a particular thing and asked me why I didn’t ask him. I replied, “I didn’t think you’d let me. . .” He shook his head in regret, and said, “Always ask, I would have said yes to that request. Always ask. Don’t be afraid of no.”

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